A Corruption of Identities Behind The Deliverance of Truth.

Hason Raja, a mystical poet and songwriter

Hason Raja, a mystical poet and songwriter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A Corruption of Identities Behind The Deliverance of Truth.

A Corruption of Identities Behind the Deliverance of Truth.It was year 1995 time of Christmas day of celebration of ancient Prophet Lord Jesus Christ, (HE-SA-RU-HU-LUL-LA-HE–R.A), when the deliverance of the storm of the revolutionary cultural century hits Islands of Guernsey, British Channel Islands, as volcano Department of Justice usually every one dial 999 for assistance and support but it was numerical number 786 wrong number dallied as quiet often seen in our real life in a quiet neighborhood District of L’Islet, Vales, Guernsey, amid the chaos of fallen trees leaves and damaged cultural dignity through the double glazing window those who adopted cultural religion at homes fears of cold winters, and snows the lives of three strangers in the island are about to collide for Abdul Haye Amin.

Natural Wild Birds Pigeons talking about UN Secretary, Bin-Ki-moon, who can't read 'Bangla' European Missionary language!

Natural Wild Birds Pigeons talking about UN Secretary, Bin-Ki-moon, who can’t read ‘Bangla’ European Missionary language!

What happen in the middle of nights storms wake medically known ‘Panic Attack’ in Islamic traditional those who observe and pay duty of ‘Tajuz Namaj’-(the supplementary worship), or natural pigeons in the Balcony sing during nights times as; ‘Hu-Hu-Hu’ will bring down a barriers he has build around reputation himself since his friend Dina from Portugal, Islands of Madeira, Town of Machico, was missing due to unfortunate drama for neighbour the British landlord, Mr and Mrs, Derrick Patt, not multimillion worth of ‘Hason Raja’ in Bishwanath, Sylhet, Bangladesh leaving his palace was in the street. it will spark friendship at a times when he needs it most difficult time in life in the unknown Islands of Guernsey. He beg From a mighty power that centuries ago never brought the eternal city to prostrates in love to its knees.

At 'Indian gourmet' Restaurant. Who fail 2 win every one soul in General UK Election 2 Become UK Prime Minister? My Lord You are our witness! secret 10 point plan policy?

At ‘Indian gourmet’ Restaurant. Who fail 2 win every one soul in General UK Election 2 Become UK Prime Minister? My Lord You are our witness! secret 10 point plan policy?

And for Tom Makin, a District Guernsey Police Commissioner, not a priest who will repair Abdul Haye Amin and Derrick Patt, ‘L Horizon Bleu Hotel’ and homes, the investment of faith and trust with hand held hammers in the Royal Guernsey Magistrates Court, in the witness box, the cultural storms brings in opportunity to understand and help two foreign peoples and to be repaired the cultural identities faith and religion with the greatest gifts of all in the Islands Historia De Amor, in the British Channel Islands, in written ancient history.

As three lives come together and a unique friendship is forged, something extraordinary begins to happen to Derrick Patt, ‘L’Horizon Bleu Hotel’, still grieving a loss, slowly after almost twelve years comes live again. In the northern California, in San Francisco, news paper ‘San Francisco Chronicle’ publication of book of poetry news ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’ and world wide media internet news.



More than three millions peoples read or visited American online Library websites to see cultural identities of book of poetry, ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’ with Guernsey Map on book cover and award of merit with statues of popularity in the online portal library world wide.

And Abdul Azid, finally, shares a painful secret he has hidden for years duration of his employment from authority of the states. But at the center of the Derrick Patt, ‘L’Horizon Bleu Hotel’ owner and best friendship is with Abdul Haye Amin.

A man who has scaled heights of success in business catering and in ‘Indian Gourmet’. Abdul Haye Amin is now adrift, waiting as builder put the final finishing touches on his newest passions of love, a catering Indian Restaurant, the Indian Gourmet he plans to open in the Islands of Guernsey, catering business to whom it may concern to wine and dine those who visit from around the word as ‘Taj Mahal’ In India.

Looking back at all he missed with his family far from our blink of eyes while he build his empire ‘Indian Gourmet’ with Islands of Guernsey, authority of the state officials, Abdul Haye Amin is consumed by fears of guilt as always known guilty mind always suspect or misjudgement of others in a foreign islands focused only on escaping from the Islands of Guernsey sea waves it sound as romantic love songs ‘Allahu Akbar’, medically, spoken word known as under the symptom of ‘Schizophrenia’ condition ‘Auditory hallucination’ ‘Hearing, seeing, sensing things which is not there?’ often patients life beyond imagination suffer in the states hospital, without treatments of any kinds..

But as his plans near completion to open the new Indian Gourmet, restaurant and his friendship with Abdul Azid, begins to change, as ‘Chicken Tikka Masala’ colour of red, caused breast cancers says medical doctors. That is the states Government secret policy to drive customers away from new Indian cuisines.

Google Search Engine Image Featured name of Allah the only websites appeared?

Google Search Engine Image Featured name of Allah the only websites appeared?

Abdul Haye Amin faces a choice—between a safe haven and an adventure of the heart, soul, and mind, the spiritual gifts of his life. Once again, those who are not aware of medical Under the symptom of ‘Schizophrenia’ under the condition ‘Voices’ mentioned as a gifts from the authority of the states medical spoken word known as ‘Extra (ESP), Sensory Perception’ those who can survives the political storm? Unless otherwise, Tom Makin will describe in better political language in law under the public Order 1936 Act those who find difficult to understand medical words in short ‘ESP’ far from those who out of reach Holy Bible and my Lord ‘HE-SA-RU-HU-LUL-LA-HE–R.A?.’

Tsunami City Nothing Remain to treasure in Love?

Tsunami City Nothing Remain to treasure in Love other than Mosque?

The choice he makes will affect entire society and other lives around his or her community as ‘Tsunami 2004′ disasters powerfully nothing was seen remain to treasure in foreign love but as his own personal way of life too. And it will take him on an extraordinary journey voyage from District of Sylhet to Guernsey Islands —and into a second, terrifying political cultural storm, between England door step of ‘Her Britannic Majesty’s’ with N.H.S. free packet of condoms and the Islands one that will bring him danger or deliverance from political corruption of identities as a whole.

Introduction of Islands of Guernsey.

In the Name of Lord (786), Introduction of Islands of Guernsey.

In literature often use definition word Introduction to start something new or to describes in a district or in a country. In Arabic called;

In numerical number 786.
It mean in English;
In the name of almighty, (God/Allah/Dues), the most merciful and most beneficial of mankind

Under the medical prescribed tablet ‘Seroxat’ stated To carry out certain Act or Ritual In oxford University language ‘Ritual’ mean in English ‘Worship’ in Bangla mean, ‘Namaj’ in Arabic, ‘Salat’ in Indian Gourmet Restaurant language ‘Fresh Green Salad’ and finally in the eyes of the Justice often says; ‘Act’ or Act of Worship.

Bristol, HeadLine News

The Author’s Bristol Head Line News in press.

Abdul Haye Amin surely, in every District he stepped into soil of land of almighty without employer any doubt brings us something miracles big and small the kind we are blessed with and those we give to others in foreign protocol states spiritual love often hard to bites or to swallow with glass of wine or with tablet ‘Seroxat’ ‘Zyprexa’ or ‘Risperdone’. With a subtle hand and a flawless bilinguals touch in foreign language.

He has written a bilinguals book of poetry one in European country Portugal Missionary, language in Bangla ‘Nil Dariar Prem’ mean in English ‘Ocean of Love’ published by Bonsai Prokashon, Sylhet District, Bangladesh, and written Bangla Music ‘Nistur Bandhu’ mean ‘Cruel Friend’ by Box Electric, release in Sylhet, in the year 2005 and book of poems one in English; ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’ by well known publishing company Xlibris.

That history eventually, soars with foreign guilty tears over the oceans with inspiration of hope, desire, passion, love, romance, history, culture, politics’, heritage, law and order and makes us to suspect with laugh, cry, shout, and care for environment we devoted to lives in love and peace.

But Government of Bangladesh Foreign Affairs, The Cultural Education Board made no mistake to add his name under the selection of Bangladesh Bibliography 2011.The Islands Historia De Amor. Instead of Guernsey Education Board yet?

With dignity, hospitality, humor, love and peace? A best guided book of poetry you and I ever can invest collection of poems with guilty tears of love, if it not in your(s) but in his or her eyes, those who betray their own almighty Lord, by knowingly the truth after deliverance of ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’ the miracle gifts from those who trust their blind Lord and symptoms Schizophrenia?

Acting as a (Julaka) Muslim woman.

…Acting as a (Julaka) Muslim woman. Not to liberates Wales and Scotland from?

The book of poetry The Islands Historia De Amor and Nil Dariar Prem collection of poems, (poema), are for collect for your pleasure in your spare times, Many years and decade to come as in history, European Portugal Missionary, Manoel Da Assumpcam, after almost three century, not only language ‘Bangla’ but as a state known as Bangla—Desh in the nation instead of Scotland and Wales Independent Democratic country liberated from England.

A touch of foreign visual hallucination ray of light may almighty Lord bring miracles of forgiveness and love between lovers and bless and heal those who are psychically sick in our life those who definitely forgotten almighty Lord in the name of ‘The Islands Historia De Amor?


About Nistur Bandhu

Abdul Haye Amin: Author Biography: By virtue of birth born in Sylhet District, Emigrated in the U.K. Early age of ten educated in Secondary Holte School, City of Birmingham, without, academic qualifications, worked as an Indian catering industries, various post and positions. And many part of United Kingdom and British Channel Islands Headline news and Features articles for serving in memory of Moguls, Empire and British India, ‘Chicken Curry and Rice’ This time decided to serve in muilti-cultural Language book of poems and Songs to digest and or to swallow with Indian meals as a side dishes to reminds not the Foreign writer(s), but forgotten ‘British India?’ once was tastes sweet as reading British national news papers Sun page 3? Written Bangla Songs, ‘Nistur Bandhu’ mean ‘Cruel Friend’ released in Sylhet District, Bangladesh, and Bilingual book of poems in Bangla "Neel Dariar Prem" mean in English ‘Ocean of Love’ http://www.gronthamela.com/AuthorWiseBoo... And finally decided to write in Language of English, "The Islands Historia De Amor". To digest the Indians meals without translating in English book of poems! Age of almost forty years old free, young, and singles, searching for clue in visual hallucination, without, spectacles or sunglasses on, to guide me acting as a blind persons as British Home Secretary, Rt. Hon, David Blunkett, M.P. Without guiding Dogs into true path of Journey those who individuals believe their own lives build beyond others imaginations in scales within their appointed Lord Representatives in society. Resides under the ‘LGBT’ muilti-cultural environmental atmosphere without fresh rose as E.E.C. Bonn, City, Germany, Forest, and natural plants of trees or oxygen, in the Tower Hamlet, London, U.K. * Books: * ''The Islands Historia De Amor'' (The English Book of Poems).
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