‘Nistur Bandhu’-(Cruel Friend) Bangla Song’s.

Nistur Bandhu- Bangla Song's Logo

‘Nistur Bandhu’-(Cruel Friend) Bangla Song’s.

The message of truth where Country Invaded age of ignorance by known Peer and Awlia the (Holy Saint), irrespective of Culture, Religion, and by Race, to celebrates the well known song’s in Bangla Music “Nistur Bandhu”.
Nistur Bandhu.-(Cruel Friend).“Ka Jano Ammai Bolasa Gorib Des Hoi Bangladesh” The Bangla Song’s means in English “The unknown stranger told me the poorest Country known as Bangladesh”
Shaheed Minar -Bangladesh.

Shaheed Minar -Bangladesh.

The Bangla Music’s Industries, Box Electronic, in Sylhet District, Bangladesh, proud to releases of Bangla Music’s song’s ‘Nistur Bandhu’ is the songwriters author of the English book of poetry “The Islands Historia De Amor”

The Sign's of Peace.

'Monar Aynai Jay Na Maja'

Invites every one shamelessly to Judge the message of truth where Country Invaded age of ignorance by known Peer and Awlia the (Holy Saint),  the States in the (praying mat) Jaynamaja, “Monar Aynai Jay na maja” irrespective of Culture, Religion, and by Race,   to celebrates the well known song’s in Bangla Music “Nistur Bandhu” the  most  Romantic, Love,  Friendship, Religion, Culture, Agriculture’s, Farmers, heritage, historic and those who by virtue of birth born Country.

Bangladesh Land of Holy Saint.

Bangladesh Land of Holy Saint.

Music’s in Bangla, the song’s “Nistur Bandhu” the Bengali song’s often presents  as our ways of life’s  to Entertain in Culture  and for  to  dedicates festival gifts those who ignored the message sign’s  given us  by Almighty Lord  through the  Representatives, Prophet Muhammad (Saw), and Holy Saints.

To follow the path of Instructed Almighty Lord Kingdom in our entire  Journey.  In Religion (786) Islam forbidden to listen or to wastes per click of a finger and or impression in seconds in our life time.

Those who live in this world of fantasy more or less than 120 years is calculated only less than “one and half minutes” life on earth? Within only “One and Half minutes” whose going to waste the seconds listening to the Bangla Song’s Instead of preparation for here after?

Taj Mahal In India

The Islands Historia De Amor.

My Lord Day of Judgment kindly prosecutes not the songwriter ‘Abdul Haye Amin’ nor the listeners but the States (British), Government  failure to declare the States national Romantic Love song’s “Allahu Akbar” In history, Bay of Bengal, seven storey  Hindu Religion Government Building  was demolished into pieces Instead of Nistur Bandhu. Bangla Music Five Time a Day.

Sunamgoinj, is well known District, The Jagonnath Pur, Uppa Zilla, Local County Council Elected official’s (Member) Chairperson ‘Member Shitab Ali’ in Bangladesh Congratulate   the songwriter and welcome on behalf of listeners after hearing the waves of cyclone in tune of Romantic Music’s in Bangla bring our memory medically known symptom of ‘Dementia’  in tune in Bangla Music  entertains by  well known Singer (Baual) Mr. Churot Ali;

Nistur Bandhu Bangla Song's.

Nistur Bandhu Bangla Song's.

The listeners will become addicted in tune of incredible true historic, Culture in  romantic and Agriculture way of life that exposes the mystery of Almighty God’s most precious gifts – in sounds of music in song in Bangla our forgotten in history States by.

The local Members (Chairperson) were congratulate well wishers and listeners around the globe. Those who are in abroad Country by birth born the sign of  history and Culture  should never be  forgotten by  those who became Foreigners?

Acting as a Blind -Home Secretary, David-Blunkett. M.P.

Home Secretary, David-Blunkett. M.P.

The author’ of Bangla Book of Poems, ‘Nil Dariar Prem’  instead of demanding the British Home Secretary, to Declare the States ‘Allahu Akbar’  five times a day.

Unfortunately, the songwriter, the author’s of English Book of Poetry, ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’ never encourage to take part in celebration in music’s of any kinds other than song “Monar Aynai Jayna maja” mean in English ‘In the face of mirror, in the witness box without his or her lover’

'Nistur Bandhu' Bangla Music. 2 Wake up readers from sleep!

'Nistur Bandhu' Bangla Music.

Before any Magistrates ever prosecutes or sentencing the criminalize listeners and writers to follows as Mosquitoes without net and double glazing window as always we often believe  love at first sight and once is bites  where there is no sign’s or love mark  for  treatments of medication other than to face symptoms of Malaria, the most dangerous disease after cancers.

However, beyond songwriters control once is published or clicked “YES” as most

Potrica Bangla News.

'Nistur Bandhu' Potrika Bangla Press News.

(UK), Dating agency seek for lovers age of digital Internet computer, beyond any distant in measurement power to ‘DELETE’ once is clicked ‘YES?’.

Tsunami City Nothing Remain to treasure in Love?

Tsunami City Nothing Remain to treasure in Love other than Mosque?

The songs described dialogs as in Sylheti Language’s “Waves of cyclone as Tsunami the Islamic tune of the mystery  of Almighty God’s most precious gifts in  sound of music’s” and  tune of Holy saint the most precious gifts Listeners’ and musician believes it classic and folk song’s in Language Bangla in recent age in music’s.

In medical  Science Languages under the symptoms ‘Schizophrenia’ condition known as ‘Visual Hallucination’ under the prescribed tablet, “Seroxat or Zyprexa”  “Hearing, Seeing, sensing thing which is not there?” One in ten thousand Mental Health patients lucky to notice the  sounds or to “HEAR”  ‘Nistur Bandhu’ Bangla songs in music.

Bing News 'Seroxat' Under 'Nistur Bandhu' Bangla Song's.

Google & Bing News 'Seroxat' Under 'Nistur Bandhu' Bangla Song's.

According to British Medical Board, the East London, Mental Health, Medical Professional, St. Clement Green ward, Hospital, Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. E.  Palazidou’s says, it’s good’s news for ‘Nistur Bandhu’   and for the sufferers the waves of sounds goods for the patients those who suffering symptoms of Dementia, and or the ‘Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder’

The Occupational Therapists for ‘Music and  (BSMT),  sound therapy’ use most music’s and or song’s the sound therapy to cure the disorder of victim of schizophrenia a disease which make  most  mental health  illness patients  acting as a deaf often  unable to  “hear” or tell the different between real and unreal in real life experiences, however, sounds of music bring memory back into reality says Nistur Bandhu’s.

Nistur Bandhu

'Nistur Bandhu'--Internet World wide News. In Medication.

In medical Language, Clinical Psychiatry as an auditory hallucination under the symptoms, of conditions such as “Schizophrenic” disorders, bipolar disorders, (manic depression), and psychosis, those who suffering. Under the conditions “Voices” The voice hearers have given as a Gifts  “Nistur Bandhu”

Medically known, “Extra, (ESP), Sensory Perception” The ‘Miracle of Lord, Jesus Christ, (R.A), Father, (Allah), Name in scripture written in the E.E.C. Non-Islamic, Muslims, Country, Bon, City, Germany, Forest. You may give as a Gifts or Presents to those who are Suffering in the States Hospital.

The name of Lord 'Allah'

The name of Lord 'Allah'

May almighty Lord bless through the ray of light  ‘Visual Hallucination’ those who ever mistakenly, fall into listening to the songs and cure from the symptoms   as mentioned waves of sounds tune of ‘Nistur Bandhu’ Bangla Song’s  from Miles away?

For more information, log on to:
Face Book: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nistur-Bandhu/172065736157 …

Internet News Nistur Bandhu

Internet News Nistur Bandhu

Bing News: Nistur Bandhu.

Internet Bing & Bangla News: Nistur Bandhu.

The Music enthusiasts and songs fanatics are in for a new poetic play in Bangla Song’s as poet-author Abdul Haye Amin presents the “Nistur Bandhu”. This Bangla Cassette contains a number of Bangla Song’s that will amuse and entertain Listeners.


About Nistur Bandhu

Abdul Haye Amin: Author Biography: By virtue of birth born in Sylhet District, Emigrated in the U.K. Early age of ten educated in Secondary Holte School, City of Birmingham, without, academic qualifications, worked as an Indian catering industries, various post and positions. And many part of United Kingdom and British Channel Islands Headline news and Features articles for serving in memory of Moguls, Empire and British India, ‘Chicken Curry and Rice’ This time decided to serve in muilti-cultural Language book of poems and Songs to digest and or to swallow with Indian meals as a side dishes to reminds not the Foreign writer(s), but forgotten ‘British India?’ once was tastes sweet as reading British national news papers Sun page 3? Written Bangla Songs, ‘Nistur Bandhu’ mean ‘Cruel Friend’ released in Sylhet District, Bangladesh, and Bilingual book of poems in Bangla "Neel Dariar Prem" mean in English ‘Ocean of Love’ http://www.gronthamela.com/AuthorWiseBoo... And finally decided to write in Language of English, "The Islands Historia De Amor". To digest the Indians meals without translating in English book of poems! Age of almost forty years old free, young, and singles, searching for clue in visual hallucination, without, spectacles or sunglasses on, to guide me acting as a blind persons as British Home Secretary, Rt. Hon, David Blunkett, M.P. Without guiding Dogs into true path of Journey those who individuals believe their own lives build beyond others imaginations in scales within their appointed Lord Representatives in society. Resides under the ‘LGBT’ muilti-cultural environmental atmosphere without fresh rose as E.E.C. Bonn, City, Germany, Forest, and natural plants of trees or oxygen, in the Tower Hamlet, London, U.K. * Books: * ''The Islands Historia De Amor'' (The English Book of Poems).
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