From the Heart of ‘Reflection of a Mirror’

From the Heart of ‘Reflection of a Mirror’

In the name of four letter words L.O.V.E.

In the name of four letter words L.O.V.E.

“May Almighty Lord fulfil your inner soul and heart as you mentioned  in words, the heat of a  morning Sun the climates,  your lonely soul burning as fires there is nothing I ever can give you to comfort nor writes, in Language of Friendship,  give in gifts or presents to such angles, the beauty, I believe, without, my living  bedroom wall mirror,  In reality bedroom mirror became human being, your photo today  became on my imagination wall Mirror,  one who wake myself up from deep sleep, nor do I know the reasons why?

The reason Why I wonder ever was waken up from sleep?  Until day before yesterday, just before you’re E-Mail in my in box E- Mail, myself was known blind man on the earth! Who can not read writes nor speak in Language English.

After reading your E-Mail in my in box mail It was miracles for myself, I can read your passionate ‘Click of a Finger Friendship’ letter, and can see with my own two eyes your beauty  eyes and face,  the Psychiatrist  Medical Doctor’s says, indeed it a Miracles from Almighty (Allah), God! Unfortunately, I don’t believe in miracles its sound like a dream day before yesterday seen beauty like your self in my sleep!

I lost faith in Medical Psychiatrist Doctorates Doctors by seeing your beautiful face without a smiles on. Now I face my self free from British Medical Tablet “Zyprexa” -(Olanzapine), 5MG. To be Taken Five Times a Days, the symptoms I was ever suffering Psychiatric disorders such as ‘Schizophrenia’ the side effects was suffering ‘Blurred Vision’ before I ever seen your beautiful photo my dear love! by knowing you I blame my self alone!

Or to run away from after introduction of Friendship? One who has chosen out of millions of star, to leaves the message in my in box mail heart and in soul? As western love at first sight often out of tears and cry seen build oceans not Taj Mahal by?

May Lord bless in the light of your by ‘Name’ not ‘Nistur Bandhu’ but, in Arabic Language, “Ga-Fu-Rur-Ra-Him” as shadow of cloud in the skies days and nights? Where ever my distant blinds Friendship of loves remain until silently, open his or her sweet lips to say in words in Language of Friendships without in silents for?

My Lord, I never intend in my life to hear a word of sorrow or waves of pain to my Friends ever suffered by waves of Tsunami Cyclone? Regardless of his or her colour are!

Once your name ever heard by no one, I ever heard,  any one else ever forgotten by,  should by any reason ever in the soil of Land, by ignoring the forgotten street stranger as a Friend, My Lord forgive their distant secret  infidel in Love without  Friendship tears apart.

I know my Lord neither nothing in weight nor in volume the feeling of his or her heart, myself are known powerless blind out of reach and out of my sight but, you my God!

I trust in you, In your name true and pure from hypocrite,  by any  measure in distant, if  his or her  words as said, I don’t believe a foreigners words,  but as a human being, It touched my lonely soul to share in volume how did I ever touch from the distant his or her heart as light nor sound  ever reached?

Blink of his or her eyes, I wish was not very far from by pillow?  But it miles a way, I leave my secret camera his or her own two eyes with eyes lashes and make up, to records in absent myself distant alone. Who ever obsessed by to deny the Friendship I was ever chosen to play blind hope in reality by!

For my friend ever fall for, my broken window and door of heart are remain open any times for breath of fresh Air? When there is no one else to comfort at the time in needs!  When my most dear friends are lost in the oceans waves of Tsunami? Where its may tastes not by searching ever Internet sites, buy love one and get one free else where!  My price of Friendship in love as ‘Taj Mahal,’ In India. I knew my promise will never shared or weight by others in the field of life to build ‘Taj Mahal’ the symbol of my Friendship to remain as a gift in memory of his or her love in the States I ever was  o’ my dear alone!

My God, I am sorry, this times not you, and I invest my trust ever in you?  But the beauty, the angles, ‘Distant Friendship Click of Finger’ because since birth my entire life never seen other than myself blind you?

But heard your name from distant how loving and sweet you are, washes away sinful  infidel desire  by waves of Tsunami cyclone, nothing remain to treasure in foreign  love, millions of lovers was seen tears apart, there was no sign in earth to say he or she was ever my Friends on earth!  Our Friendship unfortunately, my love, neither forest lion nor Tiger will ever accept his or her sweet words in love but who ever may be will bites as Mosquitoes and eats my self up. As any lover bites love at first sight?

This time My God leave ‘Him or Her’ to decide and Judge in life beyond the invocation, and in imagination, ‘Friendship Click of a Finger’ in true path of four letter word, L.O.V.E? Why now distant from his or her own   sweet word? But leave his or her life alone to play game of Internet, ‘Friendship Click of a Finger?’ For how long?

Ever not to regrets for not building bridge as memory of Friendship Taj Mahal’, In India. One nights stand at Mile-End, Underground, train stations, leaves no sign of Friendship but tears and fears of others in love!

In the name of Distant Friendship Click of a Finger

to remain not our Friendship in history too?, as many Generation passed away, decade and years ago there is only one name in Friendship ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and  in India, ‘Laily and Moznu’ In Islamic in history almost eighteen years in Friendship in Love Rahima and Prophet Ayub, never was apart from their Friendship alone?

Out of their Friendship they left nothing in gifts but behind the reflection of mirror, the  memory  of Friendship to treasure in earth by regardless of nationalities, cast, origin, or Religion are!  ‘Taj Mahal’ in India, why kill sinful infidel desire and pleasures not live on earth myself seek alone for?”—NISTUR BANDHU. The Author of the Islands Historia De Amor.



About Nistur Bandhu

Abdul Haye Amin: Author Biography: By virtue of birth born in Sylhet District, Emigrated in the U.K. Early age of ten educated in Secondary Holte School, City of Birmingham, without, academic qualifications, worked as an Indian catering industries, various post and positions. And many part of United Kingdom and British Channel Islands Headline news and Features articles for serving in memory of Moguls, Empire and British India, ‘Chicken Curry and Rice’ This time decided to serve in muilti-cultural Language book of poems and Songs to digest and or to swallow with Indian meals as a side dishes to reminds not the Foreign writer(s), but forgotten ‘British India?’ once was tastes sweet as reading British national news papers Sun page 3? Written Bangla Songs, ‘Nistur Bandhu’ mean ‘Cruel Friend’ released in Sylhet District, Bangladesh, and Bilingual book of poems in Bangla "Neel Dariar Prem" mean in English ‘Ocean of Love’ And finally decided to write in Language of English, "The Islands Historia De Amor". To digest the Indians meals without translating in English book of poems! Age of almost forty years old free, young, and singles, searching for clue in visual hallucination, without, spectacles or sunglasses on, to guide me acting as a blind persons as British Home Secretary, Rt. Hon, David Blunkett, M.P. Without guiding Dogs into true path of Journey those who individuals believe their own lives build beyond others imaginations in scales within their appointed Lord Representatives in society. Resides under the ‘LGBT’ muilti-cultural environmental atmosphere without fresh rose as E.E.C. Bonn, City, Germany, Forest, and natural plants of trees or oxygen, in the Tower Hamlet, London, U.K. * Books: * ''The Islands Historia De Amor'' (The English Book of Poems).
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2 Responses to From the Heart of ‘Reflection of a Mirror’

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    Thanks again

  2. Raymond Doughtie says:

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