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Act of Psychiatry, it an ‘Manslaughter’s’ Obscene for pharmaceutical experiment”

Medical council

  “Act of Psychiatry, it an ‘Manslaughter’s’ Obscene for pharmaceutical experiment”

“I turned to you for help and you betrayed my trust. Now I have nowhere to turn”

…That was the last written word in medical science hand of doctors in this world from European country Psychiatrist Mental Health Patients, Toran Henry, seventeen years old teenage boy from, New Zealand.

Mental Health Hospital, Psychiatrist Doctorate Doctors never taken seriously patients request or his personal word into account nor do they understand the symptom Schizophrenia language. How critical symptoms he was suffering in silent’s without any picture even can drew in primary School black board whose beloved mother Maria Bradshaw found her son Toran Henry was finally suicide committed himself.

After hearing the news by mental health hospital crisis team said in silent “Oh my God, is there anything I can do?”

…It seen mental health Psychiatrist Doctors was not satisfied or happy to hear the bad news but to continue “is there anything I can do?”

Once again message from Toran Henry beyond graveyard;

“I turned to you for help and you betrayed my trust. Now I have nowhere to turn”—Toran Henry.

The only option remains open to mental health hospital doctor says author Abdul Haye Amin “is to bury   Author Abdul Haye Amin alive?”

When her beloved son was a life none of the medical team taken into account how serious he was suffering in real life? There is no medical explanation can be described those who critically suffer.

What is meant by “is there anything I can do?” there is no such word in Oxford Dictionary to explain the meaning of “is there anything I can do?” to comfort Toran mum day before yesterday was happy to be with her son Toran lack of medical negligence and ignorance in patients language not only Toran mum but entire communities seen cloud of darkness is fallen natural apple into their own head and in society instead of ‘Sir Isaac Newton’ head.

After his kind request to the medical board to the head of Mental Health Hospital, Psychiatrist Doctorate Doctors young lady lost her dear son. Then says “is there anything I can do?” what else they can do?

Unfortunately, medical Doctor was not kicked out of medical board in the street yet they seem to value non qualified medical professional in the field of mental health hospital remain to continue to do their duties. It is not called ‘manslaughter’ or murder. Committed by Psychiatrist Doctors. For his negligence of ‘Act of medical Law’ and profession fail to maintain his request.

Under the tablet ‘Seroxat’ mentioned,

 “Compulsions are irresistible urges to carry out a certain act or ritual, such as excessive washing, which will often help to relieve the fear or worry created by the obsessional thought”—-(Tablet Seroxat leaflet information’s).

The tablet ‘Seroxat’ as mentioned,–“Compulsions are irresistible urges to carry out a certain act or ritual” –

According to research by bilingual author Abdul Haye Amin in British and Bangladesh medical board inside the ward in hospital discovered none of the registered medical professionals ever carry out the tablet Seroxat instruction ,–“Compulsions are irresistible urges to carry out a certain act or ritual” which is another word in oxford dictionary ‘ritual ‘ mean worship, in Bangla ‘Namaz’, in Arabic language mean Salat, in court of justice Act of worship none of the British medical board carry out the British prescribed tablet ‘Seroxat’ information instruction forget about what fourteen hundred years ago Prophet ‘Mo-Ham-Ma-Dur-Ra-Su-Lul-La”—(Saw), says to carry out compulsory ‘ritual’ five time a day. No alcohol drinks.

Unfortunately, author discovered ward round a male doctors with earring on his ears acting as young woman taking patients statements of their health doctor seem was not happy as a man making patient’s fool out of himself by using earring in his ear. What treatment is the male doctor going to give when himself is not happy as a by virtue of birth born male? There is no culture in revelation ever stated other than crime committed by.

Where Psychiatry Doctor fail to carry out a certain act. After kind request to the medical professional what lesson have we learned from Toran Henry?  And Doraj Miah in Tower Hamlet, London, United Kingdom, Front page (25/June/2003), “Victim of Black Magic Sex Killer” Local news, Tower Hamlet Recorder And many other similar patients story in local press?

…it is not criminal offense committed by medical professional your honour? Lose of life was not a playing dole or toys as most often seen orphan child play in the play ground or in the States hospital.

Where Toran Henry mum fail to get appropriate Justice from medical board or correct answer from. Our Government had given medical professional license to rule the patient’s life, what ever they wish to do? Hand of none –Believer medical Doctor Loss of young life was not crime of offenses?  By risking a young person life by administering dangerous Antidepressant Tablets to the patients.

Second person was victim of under the British N.H.S. medical Board negligence by medical Professional, in Tower Hamlet, London, United Kingdom, young Lady, School Teacher, lose her life under the ‘Schizophrenia’ patients Mr Doraj Miah hand after Reporting to the N.H.S.  Mental health Doctor regarding the patient’s circumstances but also medical professional ignored as Toran Henry. Again the Court of Justice blamed the Schizophrenia patients not medical Doctors.

 It is understood, Toran Henry is not ‘DEATH’ but Bilingual author Abdul Haye Amin is died,

 “Inna-Lila-He-O-Inna-He-Lia-He Ra-Je-Own”

Mean in English ‘Day of Judgement we shall meet again in the witness box, in presence of Judge or Magistrates to answer reasons for refusal kind request mental health patients request?

Acting beyond Toran Henry and similar victims beyond graveyard to answer by medical professional what was the reason to refuse the request when patients asked for “HELP”

…..To see death body in the street or above the sealing hanging them self?

You got the answer with tablet seroxat,–“Compulsions are irresistible urges to carry out a certain act or ritual”

Instructions to explain the nearest Court of Justice with packets of free N.H.S. condoms,   if it wasn’t murdered patients by medical professional? Other side of the Atlantic or oceans is Toran Mum is the witness. What do you call if it not ‘Murdered?’

What ever language medical professional speak with packets of condoms the court of Justice understand.

To refuse as follows;

(a), Tablet Seroxat Instruction,–“Compulsions are irresistible urges to carry out a certain act or ritual” –Did Medical Board carry out the ‘Act?’

…When patients requested in writing or in words for help he or she never get any?

(b). Under the Mental Health Act. What capacity Doctors your Government given to destroy other life instead of your own life hanging yourself to your own bedroom sealing instead of allowing patients to dies?

(F) Did tablet Instruction never mentioned to stop taking tablet should patients ever feel health circumstances different. By continue taking tablets Toran lose his control of senses the only answer he thought was best to hang himself next morning he will have breakfast with his mum. Doesn’t tablet instruction ever mention it affect patients Judgement and patients lose Immune system they have no power to judge themselves that when patient do or act such a cruel thing in society what is mean by ‘Judgment’?

 “I turned to you for help and you betrayed my trust. Now I have nowhere to turn”

…What is mean by medical language Judgement?

Doctors to go from one District to another or one country to another to give medical lecture or advice?

It doesn’t mean to those who medical council Doctors burn your own medical Qualification in the ovens? Or in Indian Gourmet Restaurant clay ovens before our environment face tragedy?

 Instead of two letters ‘MD’ before medical Doctors name; don’t add after medial Doctor Name too many alphabetical letters after your name?

 Toran approved Medical Doctors are officially became official ‘Apes and Monkey’ animal regret no human being life most of them bite worse than  ever who ever  they find worse than Indian Mosquitoes bites  that cause malaria the dangerous symptoms after breast  cancers.

…It is understood, the medical professional never tasted the ‘Indian Gourmet’ the hottest curry, ‘Chicken Pall’ in their entire life, some customer have extra hot, to weight how much pain and suffering patients suffered after taking the Antidepressants tablets the only reasons they taken life they thought they can get rid off the symptoms of pain in the morning and have fresh life again.

 Unfortunately, they misjudge the strength of  false knowledge in treatment driven into commitment of crime or offenses as first time those who mistakenly have the Indian Curry, ‘Chicken Pall’  instead of ‘Chicken Tikka Masala’ in their life. The most victims are the members of families and friends not medical Doctors but Doctors dancing with free packet of N.H.S. condoms in hospital ward.

Not the price of  Indian Curry, ‘Chicken Pall’ but human life those who had ‘Chicken Pall’ or Antidepressants  first time in their life can weight the value of strength of ‘HOT’  temperature reach through the mind and straight to head, into human brain  immediately, affect soft tissue cause damage to the brain cell.

That blocks any circulation of human blood or [vain] [Holy Bible Sura; Iklas, Nas & Falak], make them totally confused  to concentrates into something and  make drowsy, as well as racing Idea of  thought of violence, crimes, drug, sex, etc from  their own head. That is too late after taking Antidepressants tablets or Indian Curry, ‘Chicken Pall’.

 Those who  are medical Doctors  never taken any Indian foods kindly take  Indian Curry, ‘Chicken Pall’ and after just ‘Ten Minutes’ describe  the ‘TASTE’ to Restaurant  manager your own self who you are don’t run into toilet  In Restaurant. Or in the morning in your own bathroom. And doesn’t blame Indian ‘CHEF’ but your self for taking Antidepressant tablet I mean the Indian curry Chicken Pall.

Indian Gourmet

Indian Gourmet

The Indian Gourmet management never said to have Indian curry ‘Chicken pall’ first times those ever entered gate of restaurant but will encourage sweet curry ‘Chicken Tikka Massala?’

 And Never, Never kiss your lover after taking tablet Antidepressants, I mean (Sorry every time I make mistake) the Chicken Pall it will burn his or her lips as Tsunami volcano there is no medication for his or her lips to cool it down or by rubbing the face as seen Russian Medical Doctors Rubbing the nine month old baby boy, body to remove the name of hottest Indian curry ‘Name’ of Almighty Lord, ‘Allah’

another name in Arabic the Lord Jesus Christ, (R.A), beloved father  out of ninety nine name from the skin but failure in treatment to remove the scare leaves to remain indefinitely for medical board to search for clue those who fool members of public or the patients under the spell of Lord Jesus Christ, (R.A), Stated worse than none believer.

Unless otherwise, our community will eventually face difficult situation and suffer under the hand of medical Doctors in real life. Therefore, Holy Bible said worse than none believer. Nearly every month someone somewhere commit crime of offences due to related tablet Antidepressants in this world.

Searching through the Holy Bible Quran stated;

“O our people, hearken to the one who invites (You) to Allah, and believe in him: He will forgive you your faults, and deliver you from a Chastisement Grievous”—Holy Bible Quran: Sura: Al Ahaqaf: 46: 31).

Read story about medication thousands of peoples in the UK Suicide, Death or Died: Anti- Dep Aware:  … & Fiddaman Blogspot:

To find the true picture of Death under the medication and prescribed tablets in the UK?

Will you not give reward with thanks to the Medical boards professionals for their ignorance in treatment and lack of understanding patient own language? And Free packets of N.H.S. condoms! You’re Honour?

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My invocation of imaginary glory in this world

My invocation of imaginary glory in this world
image of“Nothing will remain statues of myself to hold on to,
To treasure on earth those who loved me the most?
Nor there will be any lovers to share the beauty I see reflection on my eyes?
My invocation of imaginary glory in this world but
Only the shadow glory of God will last and shine?
Prostrates another word in the name of church worship
To answer if I ever was duly observed to remain faithful in his Kingdom of God?
Your name and dignity never will wash away
Linda Mabrouk the Psychiatry nurse in London to see
Other to witness you was only once there on earth?
What price in life I leave for other to follow my foot step?
Indeed I was regarded enemy of all
The creation on universes eyes can far as I see
My name was never recorded by any board of education
Because I never was educated in school.
Sure there will be require no qualification to enter the Gate
The price of graveyard it free to admission on earth
Only those who ignorance in the name of my God?
My revelation on universes was I mistaken by my thought?
Otherwise, believers seek only excuse for natural death?
SelenaEven believer refuse to advocate or to proclaim my name
In the ocean of none-believers domiciles states
When they seen fire of Punishment themselves burning
Entered Nero-disability unit hospital beds alive
No one to secure their health I have once given free of charge.
Medication, medication none believer only think of
Other than my name to secure my his or her health
My invocation of imaginary picture of glory
In this world will never last
But Linda Mabrouk I only see why
My god only yours name! On earth”
By Abdul Haye.
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Inheritance of Psychical Health beyond Boundaries of Clinical Treatment?

Inheritance of Psychical Health beyond Boundaries of Clinical Treatment?


“… What was the reason to be landed in the states oceans of Emergency Psychiatry unit hospital beds instead of local airport for summer vacation in the Islands of Jersey or in Guernsey sir? 

My precious health seem never intend to accept the way myself today acting alone but   placed by medical professional under the medical board health category by any means to suffer silently with oceans of smokeless pains which never can be identify by any method of electronic devices you may indeed claim to have evidences of health the true picture of the truth in the eyes of the critical patients beds.

Do I know the reason why am I here in hospital bed alone?

I use to be very smart loving with three pieces suit and tie on and dress smartly before any beauty can apply lipstick in their lips! Today by looking at my own bedroom wall mirror myself once again I lost in the middle of the Sea?

Oceans with two different colour of water

Why myself refuse to accept who am I today? Have I portrayed myself to be a dishonest in the eyes of the medical board professional’s or to lives in a lies beyond clinical lies detectors?

The answers I was searching all over the world instead of Church, Mosque, and or the Temple, but I could not find anywhere local national Library either unfortunately, my cousin brother the author of the well-known book of ‘Encyclopaedia of Britannica’ mentioned out of hundred religion ‘Mo-Ham-Mad’—(Saw), was successful in life journey of revelation in culture age of ignorance in Islam that was almost fourteen hundred years ago. Today book of Encyclopaedia of Britannica say to is only religion on earth out of hundred in the nation.

But I do not believe his spoken smokeless word today into (Sorry those whom I may offend by) paper. Fourteen hundred years ago nation also regarded was mad, crazy and liars even today most of honourable writers, authors, publishers, producers, criticise regarding his mission of culture in Islam!

Without weight a single alphabetical letter ‘M’ how much it weight in scales or cost should anyone places in the electronic scales? Singles grains of ‘Rices’ or ‘Gold’ weights that cost most of our precious life either to buy or to dies for? In the Intensives care unit hospital beds most doctors says ‘Nil by Mouth?’ I mean yes nil by mouth not even single “RICES” in the patients mouth? Without, medical doctors written concerned.  Am I not lost in the oceans of nearest states hospital beds?

Searching through the gates of Holy Bible Quran the Quranic (verses), (Articles), Sura: Nas, Falak and Iklas-(Sincerity), I Lost words how to describe in a sentences in the presences of none-believers Doctors ( 1 Timothy 5: 07–09), the university graduates doctorates clams never heard of Holy Bible nor Quran, and of course, those who claims to know  the Holy Bible  and Quran are  seem lost in the oceans of under the hand of Infidel medical Board  society, which allow members of public free N.H.S. packet of condoms and  give advice on human being life.

Leaving our entire community individual life beyond human imagination, thought, and mind and within our soul nothing but description of infidel way of life age of modern digital technology communication.

Living innocent individuals life to struggle in the eyes of  the foreign doctorates doctors employed by 163 years who has been  stolen British India, the British Government today Islamic medical professionals also agree with none-Believers doctors their qualification medical certificates obtain from ‘Bandit’ 163 years stolen the British India.

Today to give medical explanation instead of following the well-known ‘Bandit’ in India, ‘Nijam Dakait’ who was well known in India as a Bandit who became   Islamic religious representatives the holy Saints. Today society no longer believes in Holy Saints words or written documentary evidences but only university graduates whatever he or she says which has neither interest nor any values to us patients of all?

Now a day too many reporters, authors, writers, publishers, Ministers, occupied our home land and digital internet over taken our local newspaper editor jobs, too many to mentioned became internet digital reporters or provide lives news broadcast from there and then if everyone became reporter and editors who going to read not Holy Bible but newspaper or internet articles?

Our government open the  back door for author Abdul Haye Amin to rest in intensive care unit hospital beds and read every one news report or articles, those writers may never paid duty of states taxes to Honorable Lord Jesus Christ, (R.A), and his beloved father [Allah] fives times a days.

You and myself, today I going to read such articles where local Churches are left empty or closed. Thanks to digital internet communications to close our nearest Churches, temples, or Mosques, lack of financial support to maintain or to run every day. 

In history in Europe Roman Empire written in gold coin the name of Lord in Arabic sentences as follows;

“La-He-La-Ha-Hil-Lal-La-Hu”—(God/Dues/Ram/Allah), “Mo-Ham-Ma-Dur-Ra-Su-Lul-La”—(Saw),–Prophet Mohammad is the last and first Messengers in culture. The Declaration of Faith, (Kalima/Virtue/Acts of Apostle 4:12).

The States of Guernsey

The States spoken word in the Jungles of Germany, E.E.C. Country, Bonn, City.

 Which is discovered in the Jungle Bonn, City, Germany? And inside human being lung clearly written fourteen hundred years ago the hand written Holy Bible Quranic verses (Articles) the declaration of faith in the forest.

The gold coin it is understood according to Islamic Muslims magazine in the British Museums held by. To see the truth public’s have to pay to see the truth in the Museum.

The reasons individuals to fall into sickness must be reasons the cause for patients to act such a way that medical board some time find very difficult to compromise or to handle the patients symptoms they suffer as a result sometime patients lose the control to communicate within his or her beliefs of faith beyond our imaginations. The man-made method of medication often loses the true picture of symptoms patients suffer in silent pain with sorrow of sadness.

The medical Board often never seek to explore the knowledge of his or her culture to identify the reason why patients act differently?

(A), The Culture, (B), Generations, (C), Religion, (D), Faith and Trust,  (E), Education in Knowledge, (F), Individuality / The Gender. (G), Domiciles/ Community/ Financial.

Every individuals should come up with an idea from ‘A to G’ the reason why individuals fall into oceans of sickness some time seem patients never secure their health and suffer side effect rest of entire life. Therefore entire society suffers for the sake of one person not only his or her families they belong to? It an early sign from almighty God you and I fall into the hand of devil or Evil spirits of status of god instead of real [Holy Bible Quran Sura: Yasin] almighty God.

Sometime, somewhere, someone fall into such a way local community by any means never should forget the way patients was seen acting in our society which mean to inform others in culture, in Generation, to learn as an early sign of spiritual education from the patients as an individual or a person life the gender female or male patients in the domiciles they claim to be born in a community he or she was brought up to lead the community or the states alone!

(A), The Culture.

 You and I was brought up from early as since from Primary School, what lesson have we learned from board of Education?

(B), Generations.

 Do we have anyone else suffering same symptoms? What is in tablet information instruction stated compare with Holy Bible and Quran to find the true answers for your symptoms from?

(C), Religion.

 which religion are we belong too to lead our community, if any of your religion representatives ever came to inform you the way you and I should be brought up. The religion representatives the Prophet? What did your prophet says in your Holy Bible?

(D), Faith and Trust.

 What faith and trust you and I came up to lead out normal life? The faith should be tested by trust what you and or I believes in if we can survives the political storm?

 (E), Education in Knowledge.

 Dose anyone in your generation knows how to read the scripture of Holy Bible or Quran? Not novel prize winner book but what does Holy Bible says to you? At the time adding your own thought and knowledge duration of your difficulty in your life as patients?

 (F), Individuality / The Gender.

 What sex group you and I belong to? Are you followers of LGBT?

 (G), Domiciles/ Community/ Financial.

 Which country are you born and the reason to be foreigner or Emigrants. Does your community care you the most of all as an individual’s person?

If above-mentioned question your answer is “Yes” as most dating agency use when person like other by clicking “Yes” mean “I Love You” which mean my bedroom door is open for you and I?

Unfortunately, in Biblical language “Yes” mean are you fall in love with Religion representatives which is nearest Churches, Temple or Mosque door is open for you to investigates your ‘Culture’ your ‘Generation’ your Religion, your faith and trust your Education and Knowledge the genders in a country the reason you and I suffer as sickness rest of our entire life?

I do sincerely hope ‘American College of Cardiology’s’  will think not once but twice concerning the month of fasting in Islamic Muslims country reason why Muslim adopt fasting  holy month of Ramadan?

(G), Domiciles/ Community/ Financial.

If you ever was born outside your generation belong to, then you must search for clue the reason you was in a foreign country? Ask your community leaders why are you in a foreign country by leaving your own domiciles and own peoples?

It may be due to financial consequences. Or your parent was in a foreign country and therefore you were born. What is your mother language and is your mother from same background as your father?

If it not same background  your symptom is on the air as local radio station many miles away you and I can hears the melody sound of producers or singers singing in the studio therefore our both ears and mind fulfill the desire of radio station.

Otherwise, radio station would be closed as local Churches if no one else switches it on to hear the radio. The same method is applied as our symptoms far as radio waves reach to inform others we are not different from appointed Lord Representative ever was in this world. Therefore no domiciles states can afford to ignore the messenger of Lord in this Kingdom nor there is any medication or treatment can ever cure from our unknown symptoms.

You have today choices for your symptoms from graphic ‘G’ to ‘A’ to find the correct the sentences the reason you suffer in a community everyone cry for your health and welfare rights. Today you going to restore your not only life but entire community, leave your foreign country, to go  to your own home town to nearest Church you will learned  lesson, and what ‘Faith’ you have built your ‘Trust’ in a religion you must have clear sign of Lord.

Tell your generation if they adopting falsehood in revelation? Then you have right to surrender your culture in [Holy Bible Quran Sura: Kafirun: John: 16: 5–17] again from your symptoms you have many thing learned from your suffering to lead your own domiciles country for better life on earth. You don’t deserve something extra special from your neighborhood but equal as your own Instead of dependent on someone else financially? By virtue of birth born brothers and sisters.

The reason you became as a foreigner you to improve life from your own neighbour or from your generation that is the symptom today you are suffering [Holy Bible: Matthew: 12: 42—46: alone!

Because it sound you are religious your generation belong to believers therefore you have being chosen by almighty God to prosecute you to go to the states hospital to lead your own generation within as stated in a Holy Bible and or Quran. Unless otherwise, entire generations and many follower will ruin their own identities of culture as mentioned in the book of Law the holy Bible and or Quran.  

We all knows very well when treatment is failure most doctor declare the patients is suffering symptoms “Cancers” that mean no medication or treatment. Are we not taking a word from none-believers doctors who never heard of “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”—(786), in their life forget about treatment. “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”—(786), mean in English language “Introduction” in Arabic mean “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”—(786),  Which is mean in English  “In the name of almighty God, (Allah/God/Dues/Ram), the most merciful and most beneficial of mankind”

This articles (Holy Bible Quran Verses), was first time presented to Prophet Mohammad-(Saw), to introduce the domiciles or the states alone. And it is the name of ‘Heaven’ and or medication for those who believes in the name of Churches of god? 

Which I discovered many doctors refuse to agree with as mentioned “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”—(786), term and conditions. By ignoring Lord almighty ‘LAW’ and order where are we landing instead of local Islands of Jersey or Guernsey the most beautiful airport but in the local Psychiatry unit hospital bed?

To entrainment with foreign doctors and nurses doctors or nurses never heard of name of God in Arabic sentences! But taken patients to secure their health can you believe?

Which country court of Justice going to forgives for our mistakenly breaking the law of the states? If no country ever going to forgive then your honour above our head is known almighty God who never going to forgive nor will he ever gives us second chances to restore our mistaken thought, faith and trust?

Trust is another word mean ‘Symptoms,’  ‘punishment,’ Love, or ‘crimes.’

For examples month of holy Ramadan millions of Muslims brothers and sisters  around the world keep one entire month ‘Fasting’ the order of the almighty God they never seen or met in his or her life but observes the month of Holy Ramadan is so-called ‘Trust’ yes it ‘Trust’ . Or sign of love how much they love in absent from God?

Sincere Muslims will die if anyone orders to betray the trust. Another word none-Muslims followers of Prophet (Lord) Jesus Christ, (R, A), never believes month of Holy Ramadan is an ‘Crimes’ committed by therefore direct punishment from almighty god ‘Symptoms’ given to prosecute those who betrayed the ‘Trust’ of god on earth.

Miracle of Allah inside 'LUNG'

Miracle of Allah inside ‘LUNG’

Today head Line News British United Kingdom International newspaper Daily Mail articles writes as follows “Fasting for 24 hours ‘may cut your risk of heart disease and diabetes‘”

Doctors discovered those who keep ‘Fasting’ are safe from symptom of heart disease and diabetes click here to read daily mail story. [] or you may have already held a copy of press.

Fourteen hundred years ago mad, crazy, and lair (Na-Wo-Zu-Billa), mentioned ‘Fasting’ one month none- believers never believed in today British and America (USA) Doctors are going to fight with patient to keep fasting-(Sub-Han-Allah), may God bless those  foreign doctors who discovered fasting is the answers for the most symptoms, please  doctors keep fighting until British and America Government legalise one month compulsory ‘Fasting’ as ‘No Smoking’ banned in most public places. And or as our Government legalised a man can marry another man, and woman can marry another woman the diplomatic sign of how civilized we are in this Kingdom of God?

The Human Body

The Human Body fasting restore own body without treatment of medication.

Doctors your word is most counted if it true news from British daily mail newspaper than one day I can 101.99% assure you  U.S.A. and UK government going to ban one month ‘Nil by mouth’ for one entire calendar month if patient want to live extra life on earth.  I mean extra ‘Visa’ extended by America and British Home Offices to those who believe in the name of Churches. And therefore, tax payer’s money millions of pound could be safe hand and invest in used to distribution of free N.H.S. packet of condoms and see-through, shortest mini-skirt revelation in heritage, in culture, in generation yet to come?

The benefit of keeping one month fasting I cannot describe  the glory  in word because my second language English to express passionately  in word  I do not know how to write in grammar language to please my Honorable readers of all walk of life those who read my articles.

Where 3Million plus visitors, readers, or viewers alone regarded myself as ‘Popularity’ recorded in the U.S.A. America online Library. All I can says ‘it’s your health’ you are suffering not “GOVERNMENT” or “Doctors” but you and I today have to  decides the colour of truth which way to drive our life. Remember hundred years is only less than one minute life on earth  majority peoples never live more than hundred years  because due to infidel and disbelieves act of worship in the Kingdom of God.



Remember your home Secretary, is “Jesus Christ” ( “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He”—(R, A), and his beloved father order to keep one month fasting do I need to express any more warning sign  to my readers? You may hold a copy of Holy Bible instead of English book of poetry ‘The Islands Historia De Amor.’ To guide your own life on earth free from any known sickness in this world of love.

Another word Fasting kill or assassinate all known disease inside ‘you’ and I without any bullet, Gun or medication and home secretary of States ‘He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He”—(R.A),  extend his visa to his or her peoples to lives extra on earth to glorify his or her God in the Kingdom of Almighty (God) Allah. Take no word from me but from Holy Bible and Quran to guide your life beyond your clinical treatment don’t take clinical lies detectors answers but true word from Holy Bible alone?

Infidel and surrogate society we are living in will try to make you and I believe their trade of lies in the name of medications, medication instead of Holy Bible and Quranic words? Make sure you are safe from victims of ‘Frauds’ in treatment.

May almighty God bless those who suffering in the states hospital alone? Especially those who readers book of poetry ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’ and Bangla book of poetry ‘Nil Dariar Prem’ and this articles except [LGBT] my God your visual spiritual lights must be given to every readers home as seen nine month old boy body in Russia written in his own body by [  الله ] Allah] your name discovered written in the skies make every readers homes those who read my articles  to fall in love with you and glorify you in  prostration in praying mat (Jay Na Maj)  the nearest local Churches.

Instead of representing myself bilingual author Abdul Haye Amin name as popularity in the public Library and or in the universes. Author knew for sure one day’s blink of my own eyes I shall leave this cruel world for good nothing will ever hold on me to treasure to remain but only your name on earth.

Finally Nutritionist Dr Emma Williams said: ‘I wouldn’t be in a hurry to commence fasting, as the precise nature by which the body reacts to it remains relatively unknown.’

The Graveyard. Our permanent Home.

The Graveyard. Our permanent Home.

My due respect [Holy Bible: Matthews: 13:13—18: Holy Bible Quran Sura: Zariat:56 ]   to Nutritionist Dr Emma Williams should he or she ever has time to visit nearest Churches it would be known instead of as mentioned “Unknown” the reactions of human body want five time a day, ‘Fresh Green Salad’ to be taken without alcohol drinks. your public  statement proves us you never being to local Sunday Churches nor taken tablet ‘Seroxat’ in your life time? Nor heard of Holy Month of Ramadan?

Nutritionist doctors how long medical Board going to last by ignoring the true message of appointed Lord, how long are you going to fool your own peoples not your honour, Sir, or madam but doctors?

Quotation from Doctor “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He”-(R.A), mentioned under the medical book called Holy Bible as follows;

Natural wild Birds skin name of Allah/God.

Natural wild Birds skin name of Allah/God.

“…I tell you the truth, this generation will certainly not pass away until all these things have happened. Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away”—(Holy Bible: Matthew 24: 34—36).

Instead of encouragement to the own peoples to true guidance in life not what  human doctors says but what our Prophet told us in the age of ignorance’s is count?

Finally the last explanation from the Holy Bible Quran Sura Kafirun-(Those who reject Faith), as follows;

Amirun Nessa Aktar

Amirun Nessa Aktar

‘…I, having been given the truth, cannot come to your false ways: you, having your vested interests, will not give them up. For your ways the responsibility is yours: I have shown you the truth. For my ways the responsibility is mine: you have no right to ask me to abandon the truth. Yours persecutions will be vain: the truth must prevail in the end’. This was the attitude of faith then: but it is true for all time. Hold fast to truth. “In scorn of consequence”.—(6291–Sura Kafirun Explanation from Arabic to English Translated Holy Bible Quran).

Similar instruction discovered under the tablet ‘Risperidone or Mirtazapine or Injection ‘Flupentixol’-decanoate injection’ as follows;

“Risperidone is one of a group of medicines called antipsychotics which are used to treat certain types of mental illnesses that can affect the way you think, feel, speak and behave. The symptoms of those illnesses include delusions, hallucinations’, (for example hearing or seeing things which are not there), unusual suspiciousness and becoming withdrawn. Peoples suffering from those illnesses may also feel depressed, tense or anxious.

Risperidone is also used to treat the symptoms of bipolar disorder which include feeling ‘High’ or excited, having excessive amounts of energy, needing less sleep than usual and being more talkative with racing thoughts.”— (Tablet Risperidone information Instruction).

Islam is the true guidance of journey, ‘Think, Feel, and Speak and behave, since by virtue of birth born until day of death no other religion to be (John: 16: 5—17), counted. The book of Encyclopaedia of Britannica’ was indeed correct out of hundred religions Islam was the only true culture at the time of press until this world is end. Unless otherwise stated. May almighty Lord bless us all walk of life peoples and safe our soul from infidel surrogate society many decade and years to come?

Book Trailer: The Islands Historia De Amor:

Read story about medication  thousand of peoples in the UK Suicide, Death or Died:

… & Fiddaman Blogspot:

To find the true picture of Death under the medication and prescribed tablets in the UK? Will you not give thanks to the Medical boards professionals? And Free packets of N.H.S. condoms! Your Honour?

By Bilingual Author Abdul Haye Amin.

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James Herbert obituary: Featured Author Abdul Haye Amin articles in his own websites!

James Herbert Favorites articles 'My Lord I wish Not to Face Day of Christmas Ever Again'

James Herbert Favorites articles ‘My Lord I wish Not to Face Day of Christmas Ever Again’

James Herbert obituary:Featured Author Abdul Haye Amin articles in his own websites!

The Well-known author James Herbert age 69 has passed away in bed on; 20/03/2013, [Inna-Lilla-He-O-Inna-He-La-He-Ra-Je-Own] according to Daily Mirror, on 21/03/2013, (page, 11), Newspaper.

James Herbert Favorites articles 'My Lord I wish Not to Face Day of Christmas Ever Again'

James Herbert Favorites articles ‘My Lord I wish Not to Face Day of Christmas Ever Again’

Who has acknowledged and or selected bilingual author Abdul Haye Amin articles known as “My Lord I wish not to face day of Christmas ever again”  []– (enclosed pictures of articles featured in his websites).

The well-known author who published many novelist books turned into films and more than 54 million books worldwide sold his book and 34 states language translated his novel.

Author Abdul Haye Amin could not believe this unfortunate news was   true because the author James Herbert himself selected and or acknowledge the articles beyond knowledge of author Abdul Haye Amin “My Lord I wish not to face day of Christmas ever again”  discovered from Google Search Engine  in his own websites that specks for author Abdul Haye Amin  for more than 54 million alone, and 34 country translates into states language his novel far from reaching such honorable author silently to leaves us all and by placing  author Abdul Haye Amin articles in his websites that really touched far as  broken heart.

I truly lost correct states language under what language myself today going to write since heard of unfortunate news? May my Lord    bless his soul and members of his close families, friends, colleagues, authors, publisher, and neighbour those who most dear and nearest one in life.

It remain myself Holy Bible Quran Sura Yasin or history of Prophet Noah at the most critical time in a society only  one  who believed the Prophet Noah  and almighty God,  the believer the young lady was alive rest of them was demolished by natural disaster as 2004 Tsunami disaster in Japan seen  in reality .

My Lord out of 54 million fans the author James Herbert couldn’t be mistaken to select and or to acknowledge my articles in his own websites?

Today I am confused under what category James Herbert going to be place in the day of Judgement? Out of 54 million readers author James Herbert seen to be fall in love with the articles unfortunately he was not given extra extended visa to live in this fantasy world you have taken him silently from us all. My Lord you said one hundred year is only a day according to Biblical language author James Herbert was only 69 year old less than a day old?

Google Search Engine Image Featured name of Allah the only websites appeared?

Google Search Engine Image Featured name of Allah the only websites appeared?

“…I will call them ‘my people’ who are not my peoples: and I will call them ‘my loved one’ who is not my loved one :”—( Romans: 09: 25: Sura Al Amran: 195—200: Sura: Yasin).

I am sure he was not suffering Mental Health Illness or Psychiatry Disorder prescribed tablet neither ‘Seroxat’ nor ‘Zyprexa’ to place such articles in his  own websites. To guide those who known blinds in this world but to read the articles alone he who has chosen dearly for his followers to follow the true path in his or her life! Should they believe in the name of Church of God?

Myself today speechless and beyond knowledge shocked who am I to be proud of myself today? Everyone is seem to be leaving alone myself in this world to do what in my lonely life?

His beloved friends, fans, colleagues and families may not accept as James Herbert favourite articles “My Lord I wish not to face day of Christmas ever again”

My Lord indeed I was not aware of such highly known author by almost more than 54 million peoples worldwide to dedicate my articles “My Lord I wish not to face day of Christmas ever again”  to his beloved fans, friends, families, and to the rest of the universes in absences of their beloved friends and fans.

Thanks my Lord he was died in his bed alone instead of hand of medical neither Intensive Care Unit nor Nero-Disability unit hospital bed where many peoples dies under critical condition. My last word may my God bless the man soul who has respected your followers articles “My Lord I wish not to face day of Christmas ever again” until day of Judgement.

Those fans who are alive and well glow spiritual bright  lights through the gate of digital internet  everyone homes and have spare times to read my personal articles as James Herbert  who left behind  the symbol of token of not his or her but almighty God love  to share the glory of almighty many decade and years to come!

[Inna-Lilla-He-O-Inna-He-La-He-Ra-Je-Own]  Arabic sentences or verses means day of Judgement we shall met once again.

FireRemember first man on earth was Prophet Adam created by God and second was “PEN” made to writes sincere writers inks never dry in his or her life but it remain as symbol of love in this world for nor writers ever dies but live rest of entire journey of this world those who understand the Biblical words and scripture as written in Arabic sentences [Inna-Lilla-He-O-Inna-He-La-He-Ra-Je-Own]. Author Abdul Haye Amin trust James Herbert   name shall glow as morning star and far as eyes could ever see in reality? My sympathy to those who knew author James Herbert and fans may almighty Lord blesses us all.

Author is in deepest thought after reading articles  "My Lord I Wish not to face Day of Christmas ever Again" the honorable author acknowledged author Abdul Haye Amin article in his own websites!

Author is in deepest thought after reading articles “My Lord I Wish not to face Day of Christmas ever Again” the honorable author acknowledged author Abdul Haye Amin article in his own websites! Out of 65 millions worldwide  fans!!!

Herbert Like author Abdul Haye Amin Articles smiles with OBE?

Herbert Like author Abdul Haye Amin Articles “My Lord I wish Not To Face Day of Christmas Ever Again?” with foreign  smiles with OBE? The Last articles in his life  Discovered on Google Search Engine just before his death  who has stolen author Abdul Haye Amin Hearts searching for true reason why such article was in his websites My Lord Bless the man soul with loving shadow of love nation readers and fans  to discover the true reason why he liked the article the last living memory on earth. Author Abdul Haye Amin suffering ‘Mental Health Illness’ Depression due to the reason why such highly known man left article the symbol of forgotten foreign protocol  love  in this world. 54 Millions peoples readers and fans  may have some clue?

Image (27)

By Abdul Haye Amin.

Bilingual author of The Islands Historia De Amor.

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Nelson Mandela-Long live Hero of South Africa!

Happy birth

The unknown bilingual’s author Abdul Haye Amin says ‘Happy Birthday’ to ‘Nelson Mandela’ At the most critical time in life age of ninety three years old South Africa, second to none most States criminal of all in the eyes of the British colony, probably, second to none after Prophet Ibrahim, who was prosecuted in the eyes of the Public Justice as Nelson Mandela, almost twenty seven years in public Jail in south Africa.

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Muhammad Ali My beloved Friends I’m Sorry.

Muhammad Ali My beloved Friends I’m Sorry.Ade.vpng
“I’m sorry my dear friends those who regarded world famous of all,
It better late than never, I will never see you ever again?
Worldwide well-known famous to introduce in any bilingual language
How famous I ever was in this world?
Today I have to depart from the nation that no one can hold me back any seconds?
Entire life myself wasted to frame my own bedroom and wall mirror
Gold award winner pieces of metal I was after instead of
“Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”-(786), to recognise in the states alone?
Unfortunately, I never thought this day today I will ever face in my life?
I therefore, believe my fans you will never face similar dilemma in life as myself alone?
How beautiful world this was in my visual eyes far as my eyes could reach in the skies!
Nothing I ever could drew beauty picture of any states in love?
The Islands Historia De Amor

The Islands Historia De Amor

How beautiful this world tomorrow I am going to leave?

Yes it true How beautiful this world tomorrow I am going to leave alone?
Without leaving any sign of lord as Empire of in India Taj Mahal? In the kingdom of god.
Leaving my worldwide beloved dear friends, fans, families, relatives in the nation?
May be my picture of glory in his or her bedrooms wall still remain
Tomorrow I do not know if it going to be last in your bedrooms walls my picture anymore!
Other than almighty Lord the scripture of Kalima in everyone else bedroom?
Today I am worth nothing in this world other than statues of doles in everyone eyes!
No states Prime Ministers can save my life from death symptoms myself suffering?
It is not regard as in Bangladesh International Tribunal Criminal Court
Often headline news about issued death certificates for
1971 Liberation of War criminal after almost forty two year later,
Found guilty of death in the eyes of the human Justice!
I wish my name was today recorded in Bangladesh national 1971
Liberation of War Criminal Wanted Or
Second World War Wanted Criminal Hitler List?
As fortunate bilinguals author Abdul haye Amin but unfortunate myself
Who becomes a three-time world heavyweight champion in the world?
But myself today unfortunate in the eyes of the Government of Bangladesh,
My reason of death probably going to be states recorded as
 Suffering Parkinson’s not under the list of criminal of the states
As Abdul Haye Amin proud of?
My Lord who is the owner of the ‘Parkinson’s’ Symptoms?
If it not Allah?
I heard death of individual’s is hand of almighty God not
Government of Bangladesh International Tribunal Court,
What answer is the Court of Bangladesh going to give time of Judgement?
It sound like Bangladesh International court of Justices never
Being to nursery School ‘Alif-Lam-Mim’ to guide the own states alone?
With love, peace and humanity toward own kind and cast?
International multicultural society never understand the language Bangla
After 300 hundred year old European community
Portugal Missionary language Bangla,
It seem no one understand the Justice of peace in Bangladesh!
Please my Lord Help Bangladesh wash away if any sins from the soil of soul.
I’m sorry my friend should I ever offend you beyond my graveyard knowledge,
 For not doing the things you may want me to do in your life?
Converted religion In Islam I thought was wrong?
Glad my Lord that I made my own decision to prove no one else in life!
In this earth I was ever born but will I ever be under the list of
Islamic Religious Representatives instead of novel Prize winner list?
My fans, friends, and families don’t Judge me I was wrong to accept Islam?
Jesus Christ-(R.A), another name in Arabic language,
Says after all to follow his appointed Councillor
Have I made mistake my fans and your honour?
World heavyweight champion was I not?
Today I lost how to speak in my own language?
And no longer recognises this beautiful world?
Who was I in this cruel world your honour?
To be proud of once myself in this earth?
I never was prosecuted by any states for my disability in faith?
Under the symptom Schizophrenia condition Mental Health illness stated
Delusion which means ‘Mistaken belief’ billions of pound or dollars wastes on treatment
Prescription of tablet Zyprexa or Seroxat instead of Ritual worship?
To restore patients faith and trust,
Some are unfortunate, commit suicide or dies when there is no medication,
Nor for the World heavyweight champion other than my Lord name!
Today I cannot speak nor recognise the world?
What is my symptom none-believer Doctors?
Diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 1984?
Don’t you have medication for Parkinson’s diseases?
109 year ago seven peoples died in the street of trustful society, to establish the truth,
Then became alive but entire community never believed 109 year ago they were died?
What medication did they prescribe your [Holy Quran Sura: Kaf] honour to became alive again?
No, No, I was here to tell the nation not only worldwide boxer
From Africa But I became Muslim after all?
In history in Islam Omor Faruk was number one enemy of the Islam
Who finally, became number one under the list of Islamic Revelation?
I trust America President Barack Hussein Obama never make
Second mistake by ignoring his adopted parent’s culture!
But invites to look through the sky []  in Bombay, India,
To see which country President Name was discovered written in the sky?
I love you Barack Hussein Obama if I ever heard in my deathful soul
You declared Isla—m in your life?
To leave symbol of love mark no doctor can secure my or your health
Nation now is praying for my depart from this world peacefully
Those who are my fans with tears on their eyes!
World given me credit of trust with gold at the age of ignorance in 1960 Olympics,
I’m sorry my dear friends, for leaving you all so soon
But I will meet you once again as my Lord promised
Without Islamic vision of lights in your hearts there is no one today in my life?
But I am proud myself no matter what pain I may suffer here in this world
But it going to be worst than today in the day of Judgement
Cry for not me but for your own self prepare for the worst?
Worst punishment Lord reserved those who play game with Islam?
Ask Intensive Care Unit doctors if I was wrong?
I do not have any credit in my mobiles to dial 786
Nor mobile company going to give any credit?
Per second it cost states V.A.T.
More than mobile company can give any states credit?
My dear Lord I thought of you, the last minutes of my life
Looking though the sky daylights as orphan child
Having millions of fans and friends myself today alone!
My brother Rahman Ali says to the world.
Where is my beloved fans and families nothing in presences I see?
But tear on their eyes to see myself leaving in any second
Award winning gold today became for me
Worst than soil under my own feet?
No one else will count gold is worth in life for
In my lonely eyes gold award I only see dry street branches of leafs.
I thought about this cruel world therefore I converted religious Islam
As former British Prime Minister Tony Blair Sister Lauren Booth,
My fans don’t make second mistake
No matter how famous you are in this infidel world?
Don’t take medical advice you are suffering ‘this and that?’ but ask
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair Sister Lauren Booth what is your symptom?
Today I pray for you my last wishes in this cruel world
Those who loved me more than their own self
I can give no presents or gifts but (786) Islam?
The Natural trees

The Natural tree’s spelled out the name of Lord


Is the only name I found in the E.E.C. Germany, forest?
Written without known seed and inks have you seen?
And translated English Holy Bible Quran (Verses) Sura Kafirun.
Remember me as your best friends the presents I gave
To you hold on to No matter what the nation regard or claim
In this world the only name “Allah” will remain in this world,
Don’t blame ‘Mohammad Ali’ or Author Abdul Haye Amin,
In the day of Judgement I never given you any?
Nothing will be take in your graveyard only my empty soul the spoken word
Once I was ignored by but pride of 1974’s ‘Rumble in the Jungle’
My beloved dear friend don’t make second mistake in your life.
And suspect no Muslim and Islam having two eyes
See E.E.C. forest Bonn, City, Germany, or
Inside the human being lung
And tell European German Government
To declare war against Allah If they ever can for written such verses?
In the European forest shame on those who claim European Ministers,
With three pieces suit and ties on?
The creator of this world shown me I was world record break
Today I cannot even speak nor recognise any one?
Yes it true today I cannot even speak nor recognise any one?
It is not symptom Dementia myself suffering?
My fans and friends I am not died but you!
Buried alive my friendship those who never believe in Islam by knowing the truth.
I cry for you all time since I fall ill but my brother Rahman Ali
Think myself suffering in misery and pains for none but myself?
Because I could not speak and explain the symptoms in words!
Medical spoken word ‘Visual Hallucination’
Most mental Health patient suffers in hospital alone!
Actually myself cry for those who love me the most?
What medication do you have in this world?
Other than name of Allah five times a days?
U.S.A. Novel Prize Winner Doctors Carol says only name
At the most critical time anyone life to be adopted not by
Bangladeshi Novel Prize winner Doctor Yunus.
Who said 15 Thousand peoples in America made Rich and wealthy
Where in his own country in the village, in Bangladesh
Without bowl of rice and roof on public head?
Am I correct doctor Yunus are you sure not suffering Mental Health Illness?
Today by highly known fame and name
In this world other than almighty God
What is there for my generation to hope or to relay on?
Far as Mental Health Hospital under symptom of Schizophrenia
Mentioned to seek for immediate help of ritual at the time of critical
Ritual mean worship the Church of God most western graduates
Doctors never believe in the name of Church of almighty,
Nor by Doctor Yunus blink of human eyes could change this world!
HeneryAs psychiatry doctor taken almost individual’s identities of trust,
To leave your precious life worthless in the society,
Says bilingual’s author Abdul Haye Amin,
Too many to mention died as suicide for example
Toran Henry in Canada where is there life belong?
Tomorrow I am going to meet my best friend his name is Allah?
No lover on earth tells anyone but secretly meet his or her lover
Days or nights with fresh rose’s smiles on their face.
But my price of gifts to my friends is in my heart
Google Search Engine Image Featured name of Allah the only websites appeared?

Google Search Engine Image Featured name of Allah the only websites appeared?

The only gifts my lord I can ever give

images GraveBritish Secretary of States Rt. Hon, Lord,
Never allow me to take my Gold
Which was received at the 1960 Olympics in my graveyard
The permanent home I thought never going to be mine
Other than author Abdul Haye Amin.
Did you know my fans millions and millions of my fans?
In the seven floor of sky known as “Aro-Sa-Ajim”
Waiting with fresh rose to meet?
With greeting word in Arabic
Direct from Prime Minister Allah.
There is no mistake search through the Holy Bible Quran,
Unfortunately, in this world I never was invited by any States Ministers
With fresh rose as told in Holy Bible Quran?
How famous today to leave you to meet my dear Lord my lover Allah?
Please don’t spread News as E. coli symptom in Europe
My death in this world but keeps it secret from all?
In case my lover Allah change his mind and leave me alone in this world
For few second with infidel world to share
The sinful vision I never want in my life no more but to die alone!
My dear’s fans all over the world the last wishes in my life!
Cry today for me not?
But I shall beg you if you ever remember me in your life,
Pray in praying Mat Jaynamaj,
Supplementary worship two rakat for me with Durud o Shariff
God almighty will record your name that you remembered me?
And therefore light his candle on behalf of you until we meet you again!
Please don’t take rose or candle in my graveyard or greeting cards
By Leaving you’re nearest Churches or Mosques empty!
My Lord don’t make any one suffer in this world
Nor in Intensive Care Unit or Nero-Disability Unit Hospital
The false invocation of knowledge in education and medications
But to teach them to go to local Churches!
Instead of tablet Seroxat or Zyprexa!
Don’t let any authors, editor or writers to writes
How I ever was died instead of in Intensive Care Unit patients,
Nor author like Abdul Haye Amin to writes poems or articles about!
 Tsunami City Nothing Remain to treasure in Love?
…Tsunami 2004 Disaster discovered City with no national Public Library nor cosmetic shop  Nothing Remain to treasure in Love other than national states medical center the  states Mosque to serve tablet ‘Seroxat instead of Ritual?’

One day you going to leave your belonging

Author Abdul Haye Amin today thinks not once but twice!
Where are you going by ignoring your Lord scripture in life!
Your name may be recorded in the nation public library
If society regarded you was worth nothing but good for as a state’s reference!
If not Tsunami Disaster destroys the public library, as Tsunami 2004.
Today I Mohammad Ali leaves my secret private address,
Instead of Church, Mosque or Temple
Those who never heard in your life in revelation
And my Mobile number 786.
Should you face in your life difficult times please?
Visit my permanent home address when there is no friend around
I will be always there to answer your call?
May almighty God bless you all?
My tears of sorrow of pain remain under your own feet
To be washed away your[s] sins by God spiritual light of weather the cloud
Far as skies take no other offer of glory of this infidel world but Lord,
My friends last word from me “Assa-La-Mu-Ali-Kum”
Love and peace be on you rest of your entire Journey of life on earth?
Today I feel guilty and offended by those who regarded I was famous in this world
I could take nothing with me but empty handed as criminal of the nation nor
I can give something to treasure in your life after I disappear blink of your eyes! 
I do not know how my Lord will treat me after seven feet away from my home
Of last destiny of graveyard in this universe?
The name of Lord 'Allah'

The name of Lord ‘Allah’

Allahu, Allahu, only name I can today ever say,

In whispers with hot tears on my eyes
 As any orphan child for his or her parents to love passionately,
The only friends I could never see on earth
My advocates none other than day of Judgement.
Almighty He was waiting since I was ever born
I never had any shopping list of thing to presents to my God,
What have I done in this world since I was born?
But I leave British National Newspaper SUN page 3 Editor to take care of,
And Former British Home Secretary, Rt. Hon, Jacqui Smith, M.P.
To present my life profiles to ‘He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He’—(R.A).
Other than “Bis-Mil-La-Hir-Rak-Ma-Nir-Ra-Him”
Nothing will be granted in the eyes of the almighty
Today I realised three times winner of the world gold will never secure
My identities in the day of Judgement O’ my Lord forgive me!
I’ M sorry, per second mobile charge seventy five pence
Where will I go if you don’t forgive me my Lord?
‘Asraful-Ambia’ another name in Arabic am I not under the list of
Members of your religion “He-Sa-Ru-Hu-Lul-La-He”—(R.A),
Representatives in this world my Lord?
My beloved friends don’t try to be famous you will never last long,
You will never identify who you are nor can you speak in words,
By glorify in the name of none but Allah,
Leave your name in the states as Government of Bangladesh to go after your life,
To take your life away not under the symptoms of Parkinson’s.
Then you may have an excuse in the day of Judgement to complaint
In the face of your Lord Allah as in history,
Prophet Ibrahim and Lord Jesus Christ, (R.A),
If you believe and trust in the name of God
This world I ever through was everything today my imagination was
Known total wrong to fall in love with the world Instead of Allah”
…By Bilingual’s Abdul Haye Amin.
Bing News!

Bing News attentions!

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“My love one day blinks of your eyes?

“My love one day blinks of your eyes?

“My love one day blinks of your eyes
I will leave you alone forever
But I never will leave you to forget my sign of forgotten love
As our love was love at first sight
I will always appear in your thoughts and in your mind.

Whatever circumstances you may be but
Don’t think I will never knew?
How much pain you may suffer for loneliness in your lonely life.

Every breath of your fresh air will touch my lonely soul
No matter how far I may be in this world
That far as skies can reach sound of your tears of suffering
God will sure to protect you without
Any medication of tablet Zyprexa or Seroxat in your life.

How must I still love you when you realise than you will no longer want
My love but cry for your unknown lover
His name is known Allah
That when I will be the most jealous of you
By leaving myself alone you will stands to prostrate in love.

You will be surprise how my love remain untouched for
When you realise our love was indeed part of unknown lover attention
Medically known visual hallucination.

To test out strength of broken love apart in this world
No matter what cast our love may be place into category
In the national literature public library.

To many lover fall in love and lost their own identities in his or her society
But they never give real home address or telephone number
They never knew the reason why their love ever was broken apart?

Hozrot Boro Peer, Abdul Kadir Zillani, (R.A).

Hozrot Boro Peer, Abdul Kadir Zillani, (R.A).

That when lover remember The Islands Historia De Amor book of poetry
Or try to visit author Abdul Haye Amin Village known as;
Instead of local Temple, Churches or Mosque.

When they never can reach author mobile telephone number 786
To learn more about Author Abdul Haye Amin lover and his book of poetry
That when followers get crazy to see personally in the village.

But they never will forget to carry packet of Mombati and Aggarbatti
To light author Abdul Haye Amin lonely Village of
To read book of poetry?

Candle and incense stick will be always in every one hand
Instead of free N.H.S. packet of condoms with their tears on!

...America Library Thing Popularity

…America On Line Library Thing 3Million Plus voted Popularity in the nation.

Poor Author Abdul Haye Amin advice
Please my lover never visit my permanent home

Nor try to call by 786 my mobile number
Because I never will be there to answer your call?
You may go to pub or disco for infidel pleasure!

The Graveyard. Our permanent Home.

Author Abdul Haye Amin Reserved permanent Home.

My biggest mistake in life I disclosed my permanent address
That was my disability in word of literature in foreign invocation of faith
When I first time fall in love I gave nothing but all

To invest my trust as a security to last my love forever
I knew today no one will leave my lonely village alone!
How fool I was to fall in your Love?

Gave my home telephone number and address
The beauty of your look and sexy shape drive me to forget
My education in nursery school I should never stair at you!

But your inspiration of beauty tell me too many story to write
When I see your beautiful face I forget everything I ever had in my mind.

Nistur Bandhu under "" List? to serve packets of free condoms!

Nistur Bandhu under “” List? to serve packets of free condoms!

Even British medical Board recognised author Abdul Haye Amin Village
When patient fall into ocean of love they refer to go to author village
Under the tablet Seroxat mentioned to practice how to prostrate in love,
Another word in medical science ritual.

Now think my love how much I love you in this world
Today my name is in the board of tablet Seroxat Instruction
Will you be not proud of yourself how famous your lover is?

Your generation may wonder how your lover names reached far as
Nation medical board Intensive Care Unit
Will you not glorify your lover once in your life time?

That no one else but I was your most dear lover in your life?
Love at first sight that I can drew no picture of your beauty in this world.

I may be Visually Impaired medically known Auditory Hallucination
In your eyes but I can see you by mean in any distance
Since I fall in love with you I was known total blind.

Therefore there is no treatment those who fall into your spell of your love
And society beyond any power to control any lovers deeds
Nor local court of justice has any power to arrest
Those who fall in love.

That was our virtue of promise love at first sight in this world
We never going to be apart.

The first man on earth Prophet Adam
Was fall in love almost two hundred year cry for
But never seen his lover Eve!

Until he remembered unknown person name
Was discovered written in the skies and in heavens
He begged his mighty who was he my Lord?

Will I ever not be forgiven in the name of your friend?
“Mo-Ham-Ma-Dur-Ra-Su-Lul-La”—(Saw), my Lord?

Lord another name was known
The most merciful in the Kingdom of God
Who said Adam I will forgive you because
You knew my permanent address

Two hundred year was as blink of human eyes!
Then Adam and Eve declared in this world
In the name of four letter word love

Germany Interior Minister Hans Peter Friedrich.

Germany Interior Minister Hans Peter Friedrich. Says “No Islam” In Germany. By Writing himself Islamic Muslim virtue in the Bonn, City,  forest, Second ‘Faruk’ In Christianity born day before yesterday?

Their not only dream came true in reality but
Author Abdul Haye was today proud to be here in this world?
Germany Prime Minister Jealous of author lover
Whose name discovered in the forest, Bonn, City.

True love never dies but give birth of new look in our society
Environment to follow those who misguided in generation
To lead the cloud of darkness community they never seen true light
Inside their own home in the name of love?

But disability entire society suffer under the art of false knowledge
To secure virtue far from any reality”


The spoken Arabic word in the forest?

…The spoken Arabic word in the forest? Written by Germany Interior Minister Hans Peter Friedrich and says “No Islam” In Germany? Can you believe your eyes? Dirty politics no one should Invest their trust other than Jungles Forest Scripture fourteen hundred years ago hand written word in the holy bible Quran!

images Grave“Sub-Han-Na-Rabbi-Al-A-La” means ‘The name of God in Arabic language,  glorify none in this world but you my God’  in praying mat (Jaynamaj), not author Abdul Haye Amin village, and 786 mean in Arabic Language ‘Introduction’ which mean “In the name of God, the most merciful and the most beneficial of mankind” not the author mobile number 786. That village and mobile number most love search in life to secure when love is broken apart. “La-He-La-Ha-Hil-Lal-La-Hu”

Mean name of God (Allah/Dues/Ram), When most lover lose his or her love they see nothing in life but? Therefore author request readers to remember “La-He-La-Ha-Hil-Lal-La-Hu” and 786 (But please not LGBT followers), in life beyond our imagination.

By Abdul Haye Amin.

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মৃত্যুই মনে হয়,‘ভালবেসেছিলাম?

“মৃত্যুই মনে হয়,‘ভালবেসেছিলাম?”

Pigion“….একদিন এই জীবনকে হারিয়ে,
যাকে বেশী ভাল বেসেছিলাম,
আজ এই জীবনের চেয়ে ভালবেসে,
গভীর ভালবাসার মৃত বেদনায়,
মৃত্যুই মনে হয়,
‘ভাল বেসেছিলাম’

এ জীবনে?
প্রেমিক হৃদয়ে হাহাকার ভালবাসা,
কোথায় সেই ভালবাসা মায়া-ভরা দৃষ্টি আমার?



তুমি মুছিয়ে দিয়েছ না কি?
…আজ আমার ভালবাসা চোখের দৃষ্টি?
বেদনা-ভরা আমার ভালবাসা?”

_______________আব্দুল হাই আমিন

First Class British Stamp, with picture of Guernsey Author Abdul Haye Amin.

First Class British Stamp, with picture of Guernsey Author Abdul Haye Amin.

This Bangla Love Poems Featured in several Internet websites to famous to Introduce in English?

…This Bangla Love Poems Featured in several Internet websites to famous to Introduce in English? Please readers don’t tell our ‘Queen of England’ In history in Islam 60 years old ‘Julaka’ fall in love with Ibrahim unfortunately, Ibrahim did not accepted kind offer of  free love. Then Julaka went in the forest who became 16 years old virgin then Ibrahim the (Prophet)  who married King wife Julaka… 

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…Happy New Year to you all.From Islands Historia De Amor?

“…Happy New Year to you all. Many thanks for your visit to the ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’ websites  throughout the year of 2012. And Thank you for pingback, liking, debating and sharing all the blogs posts around the globe age of digital internet communication. And congratulation those who visited and placed under the “Popularity”  list in the on line American Library Thing.

May almighty Lord pay for your visit as medically so-called, ‘Visual Hallucination’ prescribe tablet either ‘Zyprexa or Seroxat’ to be taken five time a days, instead of ritual. To remove the ‘symptoms of  visual hallucination love’ from your own eyes! The beautiful not only websites but blogs Biblical language so-called, ‘Hodoso’ -(Holy Bible Quran; Sura: Al-Bakaraho: 2–6: Holy Bible: Roman: 9: 16–19).

And finally,, Management confirmed, “If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 6 years to get that many views.”

Acting as a (Julaka) Muslim woman.

Acting as a (Julaka) Muslim woman.

…The Island of Historia De Amor proud of by knowing it was not taken six year but only twelve month click of fingers to visit the ‘The Islands Historia De Amor’ websites? Many thanks and congratulation to Management and Second Language Board of British Education, ‘Holte School’ City of Birmingham, West Midland, United Kingdom. Unfortunately, regrets and sympathize, British Education  Secretary of States, when will  diplomatic learn second language ‘Bangla’  the book of poetry, ‘Nil Dariar Prem?’ .

Happy New Year to You All. Her Bitannic Majesty's' Invites you to start 'Fishing' in our dry street?

…Happy New Year to You All. Her Britannic Majesty’s’ Government Invites you to start ‘Fishing’ in our dry street in the year of 2013?

British Diplomatic Prove your self you are human being  in the year 2013 by recognizing the  Jesus Christ and his beloved father. Unless other wise, as nation seen day of Christmas ’Britain’ was under the water, instead of white snow. Choice is in the  hand of  our Diplomatic but public will not like free bath and showers and  intent to make own dry street  place of ‘FISHING’ [] as seen Internet News.

Oceans with two different colour of waterMay God bless you all and save our environment from such disasters year to come! My Lord your “NAME” spelled out  without, known seeds, inks but seen your name in the heat of ‘FIRE ‘but my new years revolution is those who visit  my blog of websites  instead of ‘Mt. Everest ‘ is to put every one home Firemiracle ‘Fire’ from any mischief in his or her life Journey to freedom of happiness and joy in your domicile without known any fears of. And make British Education Secretary of States learn second European Portugal Missionary, Manoel Da Assumpcam, language ‘Bangla’ and declare states romantic love song “Allahu Akbar?” before it to late for any compromise with Jesus Christ Father, “La-He-La-Ha-Hil-Lal-La-Hu” ?

The spoken Arabic word in the forest?

The spoken Arabic “GOD” word in the forest?

Pigion“…I will call them ‘my people’ who are not my people: And I will call her ‘my loved one’ who is not my loved one.”—(Romans:9: 25: Sura: Al-Amran: 195-200).

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